Revel Salon 2’s (used) or new Magico A-3 (new) ??

Have recently heard the Salon 2’s and think they are incredible. (I owned the Salon 1’s previously
and now own Golden Ear Triton Reference)
i love the Refs, and they can be considered keepers for sure, but think I may like the Salon 2’s
more, but of coarse did not hear them in my house. 
I have heard them twice now, and was super impressed (as was my wife the last time) and think
i May make the plunge.

My budget for this last speaker purchase will be ~$11k ish, give or take. So having said that, the other speaker on my radar is the new to be released Magico A-3, but don’t think I can have a pair in my hands for another 3-4 months.

Has anyone heard the new Magico at Axpona, that has experience with he Salon 2’s?

I’m solid on Salon 2 if I can find the right deal (have seen them going for $9k now) I may grab
a pair. I have a local pair lined up for $11k. 

So, wanted to take a brief poll and see if anyone has the experience with the two pair in question.

Thanks in advance!

I've had many conversations with Audiotroy. He has never recommended that I sell my speakers,  but instead has suggested several ways to get the best sound our of my Monitor Audio PL 500's. I hope to visit his store in June. I don't agree with everything he said,  but based on our conversations he has earned my trust/respect. Audio is really personal preferences, not absolutes. 

Audiotroy is spot on regarding his past comments on the Dali Epicon 6 speaker. This is another speaker that should be considered. In many ways it is the perfect speaker for those of us that have our listening space in a shared living room. They are not too big, gorgeous looking and the sound quality is simply top notch. 
My preference would be for the Sonus Faber Amati Homage used under $9k would be my first choice.  Second choice would be the Revel's.  Next down would be the much cheaper Magnepans if I had the room for them.  Im still very happy with my innersound electrostats.  
Telescope for $10k those viennas may be your ticket. The Vienna sound is very liquid big soundstage.

The build quality of that speaker is impressive and the tonality is on the more rich side of neutral so if you like the overall Golden Ear sound but want more that may be your ticket.,

If you like the added clarity of the Salons then that is a good direction.

The Salons have better overall clarity then the Golden Ears but are a bit more midrange and treble prominent.

You should also hear the Sopra 2 which is a warmer yet detailed presention then what you have.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ

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