Revel Salon 2 Owner - Bi-wire or jumpers?

I tried bi-wiring (Transparent Reference MM1) and the result is so so. Actually the single wire Transparent Reference MM1 is a bit better.

I tried Analysis Plus Big Oval Silver jumpers and the result is almost the same as the stock strap. By the way the stock strap is made by WBT. I am thinking Revel has done a good job optimizing the Salon2 with single wire configuration. What do you thnk?

If you use jumpers, what jumpers yield good results to you? Thanks.
You might want to try a non-networked biwired cable.
Start cheap, you might be surprised.
Yes, try the Bluejeans cable. Just make sure you get the right gauge for the length. Great cable on the cheap and perfect for the information you're trying to gather.
How are you liking the Salon 2s compared to the Thiel 7.2s so far? You have posted lots of questions about the upgrade. So how is it?
Well, the Salon2 doesn't blow away the Thiel 7.2. The Thiel is a classic and a bargain. However, newer drivers and technolgoy do make a difference.

I think the Salon2 has less cabinet resonance and the beryllium tweeter is silker and smoother than the Thiel's tweeter. Bass is very close between them. Salon2 can play a bit louder with less compression. The 7.2 has a bit more punch on the upper bass. Don't know if this is due to Thiel's cabinet resonance. Soundstage and imaging are very close among the two. The biggest difference is the Salon2 has a bit better transparency.
I agree with you. I have a pair of the first generation Salons, and I actually prefer the single wire operation, just jumpered with the same wire that I use for my run.
Just use the stock straps. You are not gaining anything by upgrading jumpers, just stick with the stock ones.