Revel Salon 2 or Raidho

Has anyone been able to compare these speakers? If so, what are you opinions?

I currently own the Revel Salon 2s running them with Bricasti M1DAC directly into a Mark Levinson amp (plenty of power at 400 wpc).

The Salon2 is a wonderful speaker, but my room is pretty small in width at 13.5' x 22' long.

I wonder if anyone has heard the Raidho C2.1 or D2 and can compare them with the Revels in that size room? I could also consider going to monitors and a sub and I have read the wonderful reviews on the Raidho C1.1 and D2.
I also hav the Salon 2s in a similar size room. I have been very impressed with the Salon 2s. I was mentioning some little nit picks I have with them like they are so true to the source and tell you exactly what is on the recording which can be good and bad. I use mine in a recording studio situation which is great that they tell you everything good and bad that is what you want but for just chilling and listening to music I feel like they can be a little ruthless to some crappier recordings. The dealer said he knows exactly what I mean and that the speaker that reaches the same level of transparency but somehow manages to also make almost all music sound good as well is Raidho. Salon 2 is awesome for the dough but the next level he said is Raidho
Hi Ejlif,
Thank you for your response. I wish I had somewhere semi-locally to go hear the Raidhos. It is a > 5 hr drive to the nearest Raidho dealer from where I am.

I am not unhappy with my Salon 2s, but sadly there is always the itch to find something that might be even better.

You might consider spending the money on a good preamp. Perhaps the Levinson to match your amp. A good preamp can transform a system, IMO. It's not just a volume control.
I've owned both and currently own the Raidho D3's. Send me a PM. I would be happy to chat with you on the phone. The answer isn't so simple. It depends on many factors such as room size, room type, music type, music listening levels, associated gear, cables, etc.

I think a 5 hour drive + 2 hours to demo & 5 hours return home is a half day very well spent.
If the Raidho speakers fill the bill - You can take them home with you & be done!
I drove 4 hours each way to pick up my SF Amati's about 10 years ago (NY to Md. & back) & never regretted it.
12 hours of travel vs. thousands of hours of enjoyment is a very worthwhile investment of anyone's time.
BUMP. After hearing the 'little' $17k pair of raidho's at axpona I can say if you can really spread them out wide a person could get so lost in the music to not notice the missing bottom octave. I love my Salon2's and am done shopping speakers, that said the Raidho's can hold their own against anything on the market so it's really a matter of how they fit the room.
Have had my Salon 2's for 4 months. Superb.
Soundstage, huge.
Imaging, on the mark.
I don't miss my B&W 802's.