Revel Salon 1 vs Salon 2

Has anyone heard both of these speakers and is willing to do a compare/contrast with them?
Thanks in advance.
i am selling my type ones, having recently bought type twos, and to be perfectly frank, i cannot tell the difference.
these speakers are in my dedicated h/t(man cave type) and in side by side comparisons, wife included, we can not tell them apart.
now, the caveat is, we are 67 years of age - if you are much younger, or have truly terrific hearing, there may be a sonic difference apparent to you.
but for us, no.
hope this helps
edit: i am describing the ultima salons type I - the top of the line.
If you can't tell the difference, why did you buy the newer model? Or why not keep the old model? Don't understand.

expected the newer ones to sound way better - that is what the reviewers claimed.
at any rate, got a decent deal for the II and i am moving on.
Thanks for the feedback so far.
Any other opinions?