Revel Salon 1 or-Revel Studio 2??

Prices are comparable. Has anyone evaluate these 2?
Better inevery way possibel in favor of Salon2's. I have had both and it is not even worth comparing. I rarely like to speak in absolutes but this one is an "absolute" no-brainer.
I had Salon1 for 5 years and listened to the Studio2 at a pretty crappy store last month, it was a no brainer for me. I would go for the Salon1 over Studio2. The Salon1 has a much fuller sound to me. The bass is so much better on the Salon1. I really like the Be tweeters on the Studio2 but it does not make up the difference in that full sound. I imagine the Salon2 would be better than Salon1.

BTW - I sold the Salon1 because I moved and currently have my stereo in storage. Next speaker maybe Thiel 3.7 or B&W 802D. I will also listen to Salon2.
YYZ, why consider backward moves you mention veresus just acquiring another Salon 1??
For me, the Salon1 was great but it was not the most exciting speaker for Rock. It was great for everything else. I enjoyed the B&W 802D with my rock records more. I do however listen to a lot of different musical styles.

My next speaker will also most likely be smaller in size due the fact I am now married and have to consider other issues when putting a speaker in the middle of a room.

I listened to the Studio2 right after the B&W 802D (10 minutes later) at another store in Santa Barbara, CA. I was stunned that I preferred the B&W 802D over the Studio2 for the Rock CD's I was demoing. I really have a strong appreciation for Revel speakers but I could not deny the fact that the B&W had more emotional connection with me at that listening session.

I asked fellow A'Gon members their opinions on these speakers a few months back and they came back with some very interesting explanations about speaker technology. I think the Thread was "Forward Sounding Speakers That Rock"

The speakers I heard were broken in with above average electonics. There was also enough power to drive them.
I am truly shocked as to the preferance of the 1's over the 2's. I don't listen to just rock but have a variety of needs in repsect to genere. In my average sized room, 15x23, I thought that the dynamics top to bottom were more balanced, resolving, and the nuances of the varied media that i reviewed made the Salon2 stand out as the winner. Again, just as everything else in this hobby,everyone has an opinion and all are valid according to their likes and dislikes.
To reiterate my observations.

1) Prefered Salon1 over Studio2

2) I never heard the Salon2 but I would think I would prefer it to Salon1 if the Salon2 has similiar level of low end preformance to Salon1. Reason for that this statement was because I thought the Be tweeter on Studio2 was a little better sounding that tweeter on Salon1. I could tell the difference. But the overall fuller sound of Salon1 vs Studio2 won out for me.

I am sure the Salon2 would kick some butt given the quality of Revel products.
Revel salon 1 anyday.... I own the Salon 1 and it takes some beating and can be compared to speakers costing many folds more.
I have heard both and I preferred the Salon 2. I actually really like these speakers, but I'm having a hard time getting over the crappy finish. For that money, you would think they could do a better job.

Does anyone think that Audiogon pricing reflects the less expensive materials they used on the Salon 2? Or is it just a reflection of a very high mark-up on a (relatively) mass-produced speaker with many dealers in recessionary times?
The question was Salon 1 or Studio 2! Salon 1 or STUDIO 2.