Revel S30 Surround Speakers

I am looking for owners of these speakers to comments on if they use the dipole/monopole switch for different formats (movie vs. multi channel music) or if you have found that one of the settings was preferred most of the time.

The pro reviews seem torn on this issue.
I have the Ultima Embraces with the same feature and although I can tell a difference when I flip the switch, I do not prefer one sound over the other. I'm not sure I can describe the difference. I can see why the reviewers are not clear on the issue. I suppose the dipole should be better for surround movies and the monopole for surround music (like DTS). Although I own several DTS surround disks (which are wonderful sound btw), I don't bother to switch them.
I also have the Embrace. I have it set at bipole rather dipole. The difference is not that big of a deal to my ears anyway.