revel resale?

Not sure if this topic is taboo on here, but I've noticed that Revel resale seems to be lower than that of other brands. I have the M20's which I find to be a fantastic deal considering they go on here for around $800, stereophile class A (whether that means anything is another debate). As is always the case itching to try out other speakers, but seems the Revel line as a whole seems to be discounted heavily. I mean the Salons and studios are spectacular speakers and they tend to sell at 70% off retail.
An Audiogon auction for a nice pair of M20s just ended today. Sale price was $682. Seems reasonable for a speaker of that age.
I owned a pair a few years ago and have to say they are superb sounding speakers. Not the prettiest speaker though.
That is what I mean, I don't know what else at $700 that could come close. B&W 805's from the same era still go for >$1500 (i know b&w has one of the best resale numbers). I do agree that they aren't the best looking, the first gen salons and studios remind me of grade school desks, but from a sound/cost perspective, I find them hard to match. Anyways just seemed that the going price for revels seems lower even when factoring age into the equation.
IMO the first generation Revel Salons look like a close relative to a penguin!