Revel Proforma 206 w/Primaluna HP integrated?

Just purchased a Primaluna HP integrated amp. I am thinking about upgrading my current speakers Dynaudio Focus 140's to the Revel Proforma 206. This is my first piece of tube equipment i have ever owned and would like to know if the Revels would be a good match for the Primaluna? I auditioned the Revels and liked them but, the dealer only had solid state gear. Thanks for any feed back.
It would help if you gave us the sensitivity of the Revel's. There are other factors to consider say the expert, but sensitivity is a major one. My gut says they may not be a good match. The fact that the dealer had no tube amps is one indication, but may be a coincidence of the market she/he sells to.
Machans, sensitivity is 88db impedance 8 ohms. Thanks for your response
I just bought a pair of Revel Proforma f206's and the sensitivity is 88db. I run them with an Acurus A-250 solid state amp and a Cary SLP-88 Tube preamp and they sound very good once I broke them in. The Cary preamp replaced an Acurus Solid State preamp and improved the sound a lot giving it better bass and smoother highs and bigger sound-stage. In my hybrid system the tubes really helped the sound of these speakers but my power amp is solid state. You probably would have to try a broken-in pair of Revels with your amp to know for sure. Good luck!
I owned PL gear with Revel M106 which have similar impedance curves to the 206, and have demoed 206s with dialogue premium integrated and seperates. All are great combinations. The Revels impedance curve stays above 4 ohms and doesn't have any nasty phase angle behavior. I found the 4 ohm taps work better with the m106 and my quad kt120 prologue 7 amps which are similar to your HP but last generation. Our local dealer used a PL DP integrated with 206s and sold quite a few sets that way...