Revel Pricing

I know this can be touchy subject. There is no Revel dealer near me. I have to drive a long way to demo there Performa line. From an experience standpoint if I take the plunge should I be looking at paying full MSRP? I really haven't a clue as to what to expect price wise.
There is plenty of room for a Revel dealer to give you a fair discount and still make a nice profit. At least 10%, but the Revels (this goes back to when I owned the M20s)work on a large markup, so I would think 15% or more could happen, depending on the dealer. warren
Interesting thread. I am surprised that there is not an archive on this site for price paid all of this high end gear. That would be an interesting reference. Without question, dealers need to make a living too, but prices have gotten too out of control. When I go to buy a car, I do not expect to pay retail, so why pay it for electronics?