REVEL performa3 f208 or TEKTON Moab

I have about 5 grand to spend on loudspeakers.  Of these 2, Tekton Moab and Revel performa3 f208, which one would you goners buy? Or any recommendations? I have an old Krell FPB 400CX, Ayre K5xe mp, Wadia 321 Dac, VPI Classic turntable. 
It is funny to see the same Tekton fan boys on here. I bought a pair just to see what they were about. They are decent loudspeakers. Wouldn't claim them to be a Magico or Wilson caliber. They sure have a bright, alive, arena rock sound. Good recordings with natural instruments like drums and piano sound very lifelike with Tektions. They are a small company sold factory direct so it intrigues me to see how they stack up against loudspeakers from huge companies with a lot of R&D money. 
Mission, it’s amazing how the same haters always trip over their own feet to post whenever tektons are mentioned. People try to give their honest opinions on products they have owned when the question was specifically asked. Vegas, are you saying you’re a fanboy? Lol. You did say some good things about them. 
Jeff, just saw your post about tube amps with the tektons. I have not heard that comment before, and I have never tried a tube power amp with them myself. I believe millercarbon uses tube amps ( I could be wrong), and he feels his sound fantastic, as do some other members on here who have visited and heard his setup. Not sure why you experienced that,  but I don’t believe that’s a good generalization of tube amps and tektons. 
Everybody has their own opinion on what is good sound. A friend of mine brought 2 different tube amps over to go against my Krell. The Krell slaughtered them both. a BAT VK55se and a VTL ST150 were thoroughly spanked so bad by my Krell on the Tektons that there was starting to be excuses why they didn't sound as good such as wrong cables, bad room etc. Look, tubes offer grain free mids and Hi's at the expense of coloring the sound.  Then you have bass. The bass with tube amps is sloppy, uncontrolled and bloated especially when trying to control large diameter pro audio drivers that are in tektons. Erick Alexander himself doesn't use tube amps on his Tektons for the above reasons. Nelson Pass was once told his amps were tube like, he was offended by the remark and said he hoped his amps sounded nothing like them. lol. But to each his own in this hobby.