REVEL performa3 f208 or TEKTON Moab

I have about 5 grand to spend on loudspeakers.  Of these 2, Tekton Moab and Revel performa3 f208, which one would you goners buy? Or any recommendations? I have an old Krell FPB 400CX, Ayre K5xe mp, Wadia 321 Dac, VPI Classic turntable. 
Tektons do sound really nice. Like Maggie’s with bass. With 98db you can drive those with a headphone amp. One problem with your setup. You have a Ferrari engine-the krell. Very powerful. If you put that on the Tekton you will barely touch the volume. With SS amps you need to use that power to get the sound off the ground. If you are going to tube amps or maybe a 60wpc SS amp I say go with the Tekton. If not, go with the Revels. The curved cabinet design helps with the standing waves in the cabinet. Also some dealers have an upgrade deal. Maybe you work up to the Salon 2s. Also the tweeters used in Revel will go nice with the Krell amp. If you are near the Chicagoland area and want to do a demo at home or store demo try: If not the crutchfield test approach is a good idea. 
A 60 watt per channel amp tube or solid state won't control the large woofers on the Tektons. It turns into a sloppy mess. Tube lovers don't care, they love the colored sound of tubes through the midrange. I put a VTL ST 150 on my Tekton Enzo XL's, it was a sloppy mess. Sorry, not my style. Put a Jeff Rowland Model 1, 60 wpc solid state. It ran out of gas. Nothing less than 200 watts per channel please. I don't care if the sensitivity is 105 db. I like to rock. 
Revel/Harmon is a totally different sound to the raw banger of the Tek...

What music are you listening to? Either way you will get a more refined speaker with years of engineering and experience (via Hardon Research (Samsung)) to produce a quality product with guaranteed support, possible upgrades and plethoras of new tech products coming along. 
Bang bang tin cans, or a slightly up market, refined speakers, add subwoofers and there you have a great speaker system with the ability to upgrade elegantly.


25mm domes according to the literature and I included the formula.
gosta584 posts12-07-2020 5:04amWas that math correct. All those mid-tweeters equaling one 3,75"?