REVEL performa3 f208 or TEKTON Moab

I have about 5 grand to spend on loudspeakers.  Of these 2, Tekton Moab and Revel performa3 f208, which one would you goners buy? Or any recommendations? I have an old Krell FPB 400CX, Ayre K5xe mp, Wadia 321 Dac, VPI Classic turntable. 
Crutchfield sells Revels with free shipping and 60 days to try out. Shipping back to them would be $20 total. I tried out some Martin Logans and it was a great and low cost experiment.
Reading through the comments its clear you either don't know anything about Tekton Moabs or worse have been misled into believing a lot of the blather which in turn comes from people who don't know anything about Tekton Moabs.  

The sensitivity thing has been covered to death. Whatever you measure the fact remains these are tremendously efficient speakers that will play crazy headbanger loud even with a relatively low power tube amp. My Melody is 50wpc and at half volume its louder than I can take it for more than a song or two, and that's in a 17x24x9 room.

The "proper midrange" canard, what you mean is it doesn't have a traditional midrange. Proper it most certainly is. Probably the best midrange you are likely ever to hear. The combined power of the MTM array is equivalent to a 9" midrange. 

But a 9" midrange is a lot of mass. So what normal makers do is spend a fortune on expensive materials and design trying to get the fast flat response the midrange requires. What Eric does instead is use the combined power of 15 tweeters. Each one of these measures flatter and faster than any 9" midrange. But he achieves this with relatively inexpensive off the shelf drivers.  

This works because the technology of MTM is so superior to the old tech of companies like Revel. 

The fear of tweeters not having excursion is of course totally unwarranted. First of all, you already know even the little Enzo XL plays plenty loud, and that is with fewer lower quality drivers. Moabs with 15 tweeters put out more power, faster and flatter, than just about any 9" midrange- certainly more than any midrange within your budget. 

The one thing I will grant the haters, these are not museum piece speakers. They are speakers for people who want the absolute best in sound quality their money can possibly buy. Sound quality. Not bragging rights to shiniest cool finish. They look just good enough to live with, and that is about it. Which is fine with me.

Listen, I don't really care which speakers you wind up with. That's your personal decision. Just don't want to stay silent while so much misleading information is flying around. Which it always is around here. Trying to keep up with the parrots blathering whatever it was they heard another parrot blather is a full time job around here. 

I do agree with the one who said buy the superior technology. That would have to be Tekton. Something that particular poster will realize for himself if only he takes the time to learn and consider and understand just what that technology actually is, instead of like the other haters making snide snarky comments and innuendo. Eric's MTM array and low stiction/friction/mass technology is so superior he is able to offer a $15k speaker for only $5k. 

There now. The haters ought to be triggered well and good after that little truth session. Good luck and happy listening!
I don’t understand why some people get so hung up on a certain spec that they somehow deem is the important criteria on which to base a choice. Yes, to some extent, those things matter, but in no way will they tell you the whole story, or what a speaker will sound like to you. Your ears should be the judge. I’ve heard the Revels at one of my local dealers, and they are not even close to the Moabs. I’m sure they sound fine to many people, and more so if you have never heard the Tektons.  

Glupson makes Tekton sound like it belongs in the Klipsch camp. Nothing could be further from the truth. This is not a front row in your face kind of speaker. It in my mind defines neutrality. Nothing "aggressive" about it.

That is the curse of asking for opinions on an Internet forum. You may get two opposite, and still honest, views rendering it all useless.