Revel Performa Series

I just got my new F32's, M22's and C32 broke in. WOW what a great decision I made. If you are looking at a 35-4500 speaker definelty try these before you buy. I have looked for about 3 years and when I heard these in the store I was hooked. But now that they have settled in at home they are unbeleivebly detailed and sonically there. The bass extension is deep, tight and quick. The mids speak the truth and the highs are extremely detailed and precise. Lovin' it, just though I'd put the word out these are Revels latest product release.
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You should mate them with a Revel B15 subwoofer. Your setup is very similar to my father's and the B15 subwoofer is amazing for music and HT applications.
What preamp and amp are you using with your Revel's.
I've got just M20 so far, but I easely imagine your excitement.

how long did it take you to break them in?