Revel Performa owners, Worth upgrading?

I am currently running a used pair of the Revel Performa F30. I got this over the summer 2013. This is my first real taste of an audiophile grade speakers and I love it. Prior to these speakers are the Monitor audio (silver) which now being setup as my HT speakers.
With a new release of the performa3 line, there has been a very good deal on the used Performa F50. I would like to know if there is a big improvement from the F30 to F50.

My current setup and listening are as follow.
50/50 music and movies in stereo. (This setup is mainly for music)
Room size (small bedroom)
Integrated Mcintosh amp (might upgrade to Bryston this year)
Oppo BR player/ audio lap cd/Dac 8200
Clearaudio concept turntable


Ethan M
short answer is yes. I have allot of experience with both speakers, the f30s are a great bargain, but the f50s are better, they have a more refined sound. highs will be cleaner, soundstage larger, bass better controlled.
I would say no not in a small bedroom. Big speakers with big bass usually cause big problems in a small room. If it were me I'd rather upgrade to the revel gems assuming you have the gear to support them well. My revel M20s rattle the walls in my 12x14 bedroom.
Sorry everyone, I mean the F52 and not F50. So, Upgrading from the F30 to F52. Yes or no. Also, I for got to mention, I do run a Rel Sub with the current setup. I do love the extra bass. especially when watching movies or listing to pop music.

Its no contest. F50 by far. the f30s have a cooler looking cabinet, look more expensive, ect, but as far as sound, f30s are going to be brighter and more forward , the f52s warmer in the mids with tighter bass and more refined highs, plus better integration between the treble and midrange.
If you like the sound of the f30s, then no. They are wonderful speakers, and in a relatively small room, probably more than large and dynamic enough. Just enjoy.
If your room and equipment are up to it, Yes I own and use the F52's and they beat out a lot of speakers. No need to integrate a sub. Speakers they beat out in my room with my equipment (Pass X2.5 pre and Pass X250 amp with VPI TT and Cable music) I listen to Clasic Rock 80% blues 15% jazz and clasical 5%

They beat
Spendor SP1/2e (Liked these alot)
B&W 801 Matrix III
Magnpean MG3.6 with Mye Stands
Audio Physics Virgo III
Von Schw VR4jr (Worst of the bunch)
Usher CP7381
and many others