Revel Performa F228 Be speaker... thoughts?

I am considering upgrading my main stereo speakers from my Epos M22’s, and I have been recommended Revel F228 Be’s. Reading about the brand, I am learning Revel is the high end speaker brand of Harman Industries. This retail for about $10,000 a pair but can be gotten at a nice discount. I have read reviews and they are described as great treble, smooth midrange, full range punchy bass, pretty much every $10,000 speaker should have that! They were also named The Absolute Sound speaker of the year in 2019. I am looking to spend about $5 to 6 thousand, roughly for the new speakers.

It would be very helpful if those who have heard these Revel’s would compare them against some of the well discussed and well respected speakers like Harbeths, Vandersteens, Focals, Dynaudios, Devores, ProAcs, Raidhos, Magicos that have similar models at this price. I am a listener of vocals, some pop (more old than new), soul, country, blues, jazz. Not hard rock, punk, electronica or rap. In the past I have been quite impressed by large Harbeths and Vandersteen 3’s in friend's homes, these have a full, strong vocals and bass, but not too sharp a sound in the highs. For domestic purposes, I need to stick to a speaker that fits our home decor, no giant panels or anything too outlandish looking for a multi purpose living area.
Thanks all for the input so far. I can get the F228 BE very deeply discounted. Still not sure it is worth it though, not sure it will be a major improvement.  Wish to hear from others comparisons of the Revels to others in that price range, if people have heard them compared.

I am not particularly worried about the Be tweeter in and of itself, as my Epos also has a metal tweeter, and in my system I have made the sound sweet and full sounding in how it is set up, not too sharp sounding. I have learned how the drivers are used and mated to each other that really matters.

Yes I don’t pay much mind to some of the comments just saying oh yes that is the best $10,000 speaker! Been around the block enough.

Well if you don’t want comments you will not get any…. Buy some and see if you like them…

 they have no real flaw and multiple measurements back that up. Does not mean you will like them if you like some coloration. 

 I like wilsons better even though they are a “worse” speaker in all factors other than I like the coloration in the mids and bass of the wilsons. the Sabrina is twice the price more or less and worse in absolute terms. 

The Kef reference 3 is 50% more and much worse to my ear even though it measures well it sounds hard in the highs and lacks dyamics. 
The Sonus Faber Olympica nova 3 is very good but again it is not better in anyway way just different. it lacks the bass authority (leading edge impact) of the Sabrina to my ear but very close in sound. 

So no one can help you. Buy what you like.
Revels are nice but can be a bit boring. They do nothing wrong, and most things right. But they lack any kind of character. I sold mine, my audio buddy had some big Revels and he did the same.
I have a pair of M106. I needed a woofer for it and can’t get parts. They are still selling them. I would steer away from Revel as their customer service needs help. 
Many thanks gents.  I will redouble my efforts to hear these in some retailer store.