Revel M22 vs ProAc D Two

Both models on my short list for potential upgrade... Any thoughts/experiences concerning differences between them in terms of sound nature and overall quality?

Of those 2 I'd choose ProAc. They're both speakers. But I'd give the ProAc the edge with a deeper soundstage, more natural vocals, definitely more extended treble. Just an amazing midrange. Good luck either way.

Saying ProAc, you're thinking strictly of Response D Two, or ProAc sound generally..??

Thanx for input!
I would say the ProAc sound generally. Obviously the Revels will give you more bass, but the ProAcs sound better. They are a lot of speaker for the money, and will surprise you with how dynamic they can be, and how much bass you can get for bookshelves.

I'd also look at the Avalon NP series. They're about 2K new. Maybe not quite as magical as the ProAcs, but you'll get more punch and more bass if you mainly listen to rock.