revel m22 or f 30's

I have an opportunity to get either the m22s or the f30s. I had an opportunity to hear to hear the m22 and the f32s but not the 30s' Any diff between the 32 and 30s ?

Also, what would be be a good source to pair any of the above with ? My local dealer recommended the Arcam AVR 300.

Thanks for your help.
I own th the F32's and had heard the F30's but when I listened I felt they were not as good as they could be at the price point. I am glad I waited as they really don't seem to be related at all. The M22 is much closer in sound to the F32 with the exception of bass and some of the midrange. I have the M22's as rears. I orderd the full set and received the M22's about a month earlier than the F32's and used them as fronts while waiting. I was tempted at times to cancel the F32's and order 2 more M22's but am now glad that I didn't. The M22's will do fine in a small room, but any thing larger use a sub.
Thanks Theo ! What amp did you pair them up with ?
I am using a MC 402 but had a MC352 for most the time I have owned them.
I heard the M22's on quality stands with a Musical Fidelity A5 CD/Integrated combo and some nice wires. I REALLY liked them. Not the most neutral sounding speakers, but their sound grabbed a hold of me. At 85 db the M22's are not the most efficient boxes in the hunt. With the 250W of power from the MF amp, I did not feel like I was missing a lot in the bass department.

For 2 channel listening, I would think something with a lot of reserve power like a Musical Fidelity, Primare or Plinius would work well. If you are using the Revels in an HT set up, here is a previous set of recommendations for a Revel based system:

or for double that budget, see these ideas:

For the money, the Arcam would not be my first choice but would probably work OK.