Revel M20 Woofer

HELP! Blew my M 20 drivers and Revel want's $300 a piece! Any recomendations on aftermarket relacement woofers for closer to $100????
No, the crossover was designed for that driver. You can't just drop in one that is "close".
in the not-that-distant-past Dynaudio charged me $300 for a TWELVE-INCH woofer, so for the Revel speakers, that seems to be unreasonably high. i'm no speaker designer but there should be a practical solution to this problem. but at the same time, a 1st-rate driver might cost more than $100.
Well, if youwanr some messed up speaker not worth anything. Go ahead andstick some other driver in there.
No one will notice except you.
And then selling them will be a problem, as anyone 'knowing will not pay half what you want for them, and it you LIE about it??
So cough up the money.
It's like you owned a Corvette, and decided an old Chevy Citation engine would fit, and be cheaper...
You might check with Speakerex, they may have the exact driver you need for less dough.

Good luck,
Remind me to never buy any used speakers from you.