Revel M20 vs New ACI Saphire 3 ?

I am looking at these 2 speakers, unable to audition, I will be using a sub (paradigm servo 15), I am interested in their musical performance mostly, thanks
Don't have a clue about the ACIs, but I own the M20s and love 'em. You can read my review, plus all the hoopla about them in the archives, Stereophile, etc. You can't go wrong with these babies, unless, of course, you put them on crappy monitor stands. The Revel stands are from hunger. Stands are a major extension of a monitor speaker and can make or break your sound. Go to and check out their Sistrum Monitor Platforms. (you can also read my review) They have another, more costly, (but, even better) pair of monitor platforms that are not on their website, yet. These are the ones I own. Speak to Robert. Great guy. He'll set you free. The M20s, sitting on top of these babies, with the right electronics (hey, don't we always need the right electronics?), are truly amazing. peace, warren
I'll second the M20s. I have a pair and they are great. If you can't swing the Gems go with the M20.
I too have M-20's and love them. However you must be willing to have patience and set them up properly or they may seem too analitical. As for the stands I second Warren. The revel stands aren't the greatest. I just finished building a new set and they sound MUCH better than the revel's. I would own the sistrum stands if I could afford them. Once you get things right, these speakers are amazing.

I love the Revel M20 until I heard the JM Lab Electra 906. If you have a dealer close to your place Audition both and let us know what you think. Never heard of ACI.
The new ACI Sapphires are actually the 25th Anniversary Edition version.
ACI has a 30 day return policy if you don't like them.
Great company to deal with.
If you try them, you will not likely return them.
Extraordinary speakers- soundstage is huge, detail is excellent, great imaging, smooth, and build quality is excellent.
I would think they match easily with many pre/power combinations. I am using a MF A300 and love the sound.

I am sure the Revels are also excellent, but considering the ACI's is worth your time.