Revel M20 vs. M22...similar or different

I cant decide. In terms of sound characterstic, is there a big difference between the two. I know the design of the two are very different and the m20 weighs about 45lbs vs. m22 weighing 24lbs. I searched the previous threads regarding the m20 and m22 and couldnt find anything substantial in terms of comparison between the two. If you had guys had a choice, which one would you use in your own system? I will have the chance to audition the m22 later this week but im gonna have a hard time pulling the trigger without knowing how the m20 sound considering all the rave reviews they got. Depending on good the m22 sound, i may buy them new but there are great deals on used m20 so this is making my decision very difficult.
I was thinking of buying the M-22,so i went to California dealer and auditioned the M-22 and got amazed by the sound and sounstage of this speaker but to make it short,i do have the M-20 instead and definitely i liked the M-20 much much better.This speaker sing beatifully driven with my low power amp at 65 watts.I listened with out a sub and some times having much fun with a sub on a small 13" x 15" x 8" room .I got lucky ,my friend sold me the other pair for $1,150 and he have another pair ( black ash no grill for $1,150 )he his going for the stander.So, its all up to you and good luck.