revel M20 vs. JA RM7si


Wondering if anyone can offer thoughts comparing the Revel M20 and the Joseph Audio RM7si Mk. II. Both are available to me at roughly the same price.

Current equipment is Rogue Audio Cronus and Sony SCD-C222es.

I've had the Cronus only a few weeks and my conclusion so far is that it's powerful, reasonably detailed, a bit laid back, and more unforgiving of bad recordings than I imagined. With my current Michael Green Audio Designs Rev. 60i, everything is kind of flat sounding.

Thoughts on these, other speakers in 500-1000 price range?
Both of these speakers received favorable reviews in Stereophile magazine back in 2002 (I think). The Joseph speaker shared their "Speaker of the Year" award while the Revel was put in to class "A" category.
I owned the Revels and felt,aside from their looks, they may have been one of the best speakers I have owned to date. The M-20s were one of those components that make you say "I never heard that in their before" with familiar music. Very detailed but not annoyingly so. Plenty of bass also as long as your rooms not too big. Should never have sold them.
I've never heard the Josephs so can't help you there. Check out the Stereophile reviews.
Timrhu, thanks for your comments. Same thing I was thinking.

Anyone else?