Revel M20, Soliloquy 5.3, Silverline

Panatella 2, or Hales Rev 3. Been looking to buy some good relatively full range speakers for the bedroom. I have B&W 801 v.3 in my living room which I love but the new B&W's sound too polite for me. I'm looking for something to match with my Aragon 4004 that will give me electostatic like clarity with better dynamics and bass. Undoubtably a tall order and I'd like to keep the price under 3k. Thanks in advance for any insight y'all might have
I replaced 601 series with Soliloquy 5s and center. Great upgrade. Soundstage excellent. Clearer voices. Am driving with Modest Nak receiver. Impressed enough I have 5.3 on order for main system. I have sub, and 5s don't get real low. We'll see 5.3. Haven't heard others, but reviews on Silverline sound similar, but with more controversy. Can't comment too much on your specifics.
Look at the Soliloquy 6.3s; they are a great speaker at that price point. I got a pair of 6.3s and a C3 center channel for my new home theater system about a month ago. Love them. Have not heard the other speakers you mentioned, so I can not compare. Bought them here on Audiogon from Underwoodwally. Great seller. E-mail me if you want more details.