Revel M20 or Sonus Faber Concerto

I am looking for a bed room speaker. I am thinking either goes with sonus faber or revel. Does anyone have experience on them? I am going to use Unsion unico as the amp and pioneer elite as the player. Thanks.
I auditioned both, when considering monitors for my living room. I went with the M20s. Sitting upon killer stands; they are amazing. Sub necessary, of course, in my living room, but probably-not, if you're putting them in your bedroom. The M20 stands are poor. It was awhile ago, but as I remember, the M20s were better (to me) in all ways. These are VERY revealing speakers. Fasten your seatbelt: they will highlight every strength and weakness in your system. peace, warren
I own the M20 and know the Concerto's quite well. Here in Europe, the Concerto are MUCH cheaper than the Revel, so that they are placed at different market points.

Having said that, of course i prefer the M20. Not only I prefer them, but i think they belong to a completely different league. they sound much cleaner, articulated, dynamic and accurate than the Concertos... they simply cannot be compared

You should also keep in mind that the "family sound" of the Revels is quite different from the Souns Faber, so I think you should listen by yourself (also the Signum would provide a better comparison with the M20)

The downside of the M20 is that they are much more demanding on the amplifier (and also on the quality of the front-end) than the Concertos...

Good luck!