Revel m20/m22 or epos/totem equivalent

How good are the revel m20/m22 compared to any of the epos or totem bookshelves. I read excellent reviews about the revel m20 and i can get them used for a little over a 1000. How would the revel m20 sound in comparison to an epos m12 or totem model 1 or rainmaker. I have heard various epos and totem booshelf speakers and really enjoyed them. I will use the speakers equally for music and movies. For the processor, im using a rotel 1068 and a 1075 amp. Im asking because i dont have the opportunity to audition the revel m20

I owned the M20s and was very satisified. The highs were just a tad (and I mean a tad)strong, if you will, but the speaker was a winner in the midrange down to about 40Hz if I remember correctly. The Revel stands are poor and do not lend themselves to bringing out the best in the M20. Monitor stands a a critical piece of the sonic puzzle when dealing with speakers of this ilk. The stand is a fundemental extension of the speaker and can make or break your sound. I used the Sistrum Platform sytem. Cost almost as much as my speakers, but was a very significant player in my speaker picture. The Revels moved on, but my stands remained for my Harmonic Precision Caravelles. Now there's a monitor to die for. Much more expensive than you want to spend? I think someone on the 'gon was selling a pair several weeks ago at a great price with the stands. good luck....warren :)
As an owner of the M22, used for rears at this time, but while I waited for my F32's I used them as froms and was so impressed that I considered cancelling the F32's. I did listen to Totem Mani2 before making my decision and I felt the Totems were a little dryer in the highs. Although they deliver a good punch, I went with Revel.
Just my 2 cents