Revel M20,Classe CAP-100 and Arcam 72T

I have the Classe CAP-100 and the Arcam 72T. I consider the Revel M20 as my new speakers. Are the Revel M20's well matched with the Classe CAP-100? Are the Revel M20's driven with the Classe CAP-100 at 100%?

I listen to in the living room of my apartment. The size of it is W13'x D10'x H8'. The distance from the front side of the speaker to the front wall is the maximum 2'. The size of the Revel M20 is W10"x H15.5"x D12.25". My mainly listening musics are composed of Symphony 20%,Concerto 15%,Orchestral 15%,Chamber music 10% and Opera 40%.

The purchase price of the Revel M20's here is $2,300. My budget is $2,600. I make a request for this question.
What kind of power are we talking about? I own the M20s, but I'm not familiar with those electronics first hand, that is. These speakers are VERY revealing. They need some serious wattage. 100 minimum, but they can take whatever you throw at them. I'm driving them with a Passion Integre-100watts. It's enough for me. You shouldn't have a problem, considering the small size of your listening room. Get good stands. The stands that Revel sells, suck. This will add a significant expense to your speaker system,but is well worth it. Many, just don't understand the importance of the physical relationship of stands to speakers and the dynamics that are involved. They are a very physical extension of your speaker, and can have a deleterious or magnificent affect on your sound. I use the Sistrum Mini Monitor platform system. I don't think there's anything better. Not even close. They are pricey, however. They do have a younger brother for half the price, that is also wonderful. is the place to go. Ask for Robert. He's the man.
P.S. I don't know of any stereo dealer, that won't let you bring in your electronics. They'll hook them up, and you can go nuts. That's the closest you'll get, unless, of course they let you take them home. That, too, is a possibility.
Warrenh,thanks for your reply. Cheers!