Revel Gems with a Krell FPB 400CX?

Hey Guys,

I'm thinking about buying a Krell FPB-400CX for my Revel Gems and was wondering if you think they will make a good match. I know the Krell should have enough power, 400 watts per channel. The Gems don't give a recommendation for power but I've heard they love power.

I am getting the Krell from a friend for 2 grand, good deal right? I think I'll have a chance to buy McIntosh at dealer cost in 3-4 months. I was thinking about selling the Krell then and possibly buying two MC275 stereo amps.

Does anyone have suggestions for amps that would work well with the Gems for around 2 grand?

It is one of the finest solid state amps around. You won't be disappointed. I've had mine for 6 years and it is a wonderful piece of gear, sonically it has improved with age and has worked flawlessly.