Revel Gem Stands

I have the Revel Gems and wondered if any fellow Agon'ers have played with filling the stand to add mass. If so, what did you use - sand, the starsound microbearing, concrete, sawdust, babypowder, potato chips, peanuts, horsefeathers, etc. - and if so, was it a positive change? Pros and cons to sand or the starsound steel bearings.

Also, in chatting with Robert at Starsound - he suggested changing the stock steel bolts supplied by Revel that attach the speaker to the stand to thier brass screws - anybody experiment with that?

I did recently change from using the Revel stock feet to the Revel spikes sitting on soundanchor conecoasters - and that made quite a difference - much more detail and stage depth, tho perhaps a bit thinner in the upper mids. So, I am now going to try the brass audiopoints...