Revel Gem Positioning and Tweeter Settings

Hi all,

I am in the process of experimenting with my newly aqcuired pair of Revel Gems. They are fantastics, but believe they are quite finnicky when it comes to positioning and tweeter settings, as well as toe-in.

Has anyone had experience with these variables and what has bought about great results? Also if there is other info you require please let me know.

Bump....Anyone at all??
OK. I don't have them but my daughter does. We have hers set up on slide-out supports so that, when not in use, they can be hidden inside a wall-unit. When in use, their backs are about 1.5 feet from the wall-unit, their bottoms about 36" from the floor and they are toe-ed in about15deg. Of course, this is in a 30x35 room and about an 18ft listening distance.