Revel Gem I Speaker Stands

Hello all,
I recently purchased a pair of Revel Gem 1 speakers but I do not have the factory stands. They are $1500! I barely paid more than that for the speakers! The factory stands are 28" tall. I bought some 28" heavy 4 post Pangea steel stands and the Gems sound bad on them. They sound thin and bright on top. I tried some 24" Pangea steel stands too and they have a bit more body but still bright on top. I tried some 24" Skylan stands that are not metal and they do sound better. Any ideas for me? Could the factory stands make that much difference?

Thanks in advance,
Hi Bill,
How are they as surround?
Are you sure it's the stands that are causing the problem? Maybe the speakers are thin and bright sounding!
The stands could make a difference but equally important is how the speakers are "coupled" with the stands and how the stands are "coupled" or "isolated" with/from the floor, and the type of floor they are placed on. 
Everything is good I've got them sounding great I built some stands and am using ISO acoustic isolators. Also using a mini DSP shd with Dirac Live room correction.