Revel Gem/ B&W 802

Anyone played with a pair of Gems. How do you compare them to a floor standing B&W 802. Will I need to use a sub with the Gems to get enough low end? I'm running a Krell FBP200C.
The Gems sound more natural and transparent. I have a friend who replaced his 802's with Gems and loves them.
The gems are 7k with no bass. They are a FANTASTIC speaker but adding a subwoofer could make things worse. BE CAREFUL with that match.
I reckon Hammy is saying that adding a sub to thr GEMs will glue you to the listening chair?
In fact the ULTIMA SYSTEM (including the Sub15) is my personal High End for the near and far future.
Good luck
There are gems available under $5000 all the time, with some pairs going for $3700. When I owned mine, I already had a subwoofer which helped, but I think you would be surprised at how much bass you get from them. Their clarity is absolutely superb. Don't pass up Gems without hearing them.
Guys, I guess...

The N802s are in the better league than the Gems: more like between the Studios and the Salons ($15k, on a good day).

With the N802s you don't need a subwoofer for clean, clear music.
If you read the new SGHT issue, you may be surprised how much Thomas Norton liked the Revel F30's compared to the Gems!! For the price of the Gems, you can get the F30's and a B-15 subs AND still have $2k to spend on the wife for just spending $6k on toys!! :)