Revel f52 vs B&W n803 or 803s?

Trying to get a handle on the differences to make a used purchase. Haven't been able to compare side by side. Heard the f52, sounded very nice, clean, clear, with deep bass, but maybe a bit boomy bass? I'm a long time fan of B&W, having older 803's, but haven't heard the n803 in a while. What are your impressions of either, and has anyone compared both side by side?
Anybody heard both and can compare?
I have the same question, anyone?
I wonder what the difference is between the Nautilus 803 and newer 803S?
I would take the Revel many times over the 803s, the 802 however is a very different story.
Wow. Just skimming through and saw your reply to an old post of mine. Well, I got the N803 and love it. Much more life than the f52, which was somewhat sterile sounding with a boomy bass (at least at the dealer). I have since developed upgraditis, but the miserable economy is holding me back.