Revel F52 Speaker cable suggestions?

Wondering what you Revel owners (In particular the F52) are using for speaker cables? I am interested in all configurations...single wire & jumpers...biwire etc.

I have tried several jumpers with one set of speaker cables, and all made a sonic difference, some better some worse. I tried main speaker cables in the mid/hi binding posts jumping to the bass and vise versa. Also tried vertical jumping. Now am using loaner biwire cables and like them the best (I think) so far, but they are breaking in and the bass is a tad lagging at times behind the mids & highs, so hard to tell yet, just what they will offer in the end.

Anybody out there find a great combo of speaker cables & configurations that work well with Revels?
The Cable Company keeps track of what cables people use on their speakers (After they demo and buy them). Revel is a very popular speaker. They should have hundreds of confirmed cable purchases to draw on. I've been using them for years and find their recommendations to be very accurate.
Thanks Zd542, I will check with them for sure.
What price range do you want to be in?
I'm using MIT CVT terminator 2 single wire with Anti-Cable jumpers. Speaker wire connected to HF with jumpers to LF, also tried LF to HF and diagonal. Originally used with the Revel jumper plates, and also home made Kimber black/grey not sure of cable type. Found the Kimber jumpers very detailed but bright. Initial cable used was Kimber 8 tc. I like the Kimber cable , have used for years and still using in a different system . I think in my system the MIT cable has a fuller warmer sound which I prefer , the Kimber has a leaner sound.

Jumpers definitely affect the sound, and would like to try a bi- wire cable for comparison .
Thanks Ron 6501!

To Crissain, In the $300-$700 ish range would be the
preferred range give or take.
I have a pair of Revel F30's. For years I used biwireLooking Nordost. Last year I became convinced the leanness in my system was the Nordost speaker cable.

I spoke to The Cable Company and the strong impression I got was that biwiring my F30's really wasn't needed.

I wound up with a set on Analysis Plus Oval 9's in a single wire configuration. I initially hooked them up to the woofers and jumpedvtomthe tweeter but it was blah. I the switched, by hooking it the Oval 9's to the mid/high binding posts and jumping to the tweeter. On the F30's that was the way to go.

Then I startedt explore jumpers. I thoughtI could do better than the brass plates. I saw there are Oval 9 jumpers at $189 a set. I decide to experiment. I went to Lowes and found some 8 guage hook up wire. I wanted to use wire at least as heavy as the oval 9's which are 9 awg.

I made a full set of DIY jumpers with the 8 awg wire and banana plugs. Total cost under $15. WOO HOO! The soundstage was wider and deeper, no negatives at all, a true bass room lock. I did use WBT silver solder. My Revels have neve sounded better.

So there you have it- AP Oval 9 to the mid/high binding post, generic copper 8awg jumpers to the woofer binding post. My thinking is that with the short length of the jumpers (8") the amount of copper rather than absolute cable quality mattered most.
I would recommend kimber 12tc, a great cable for the money. Or some kimber bifocal xls used.