Revel F52 setup comments

I have Revel F52's with Ayre 5vxe, Ayre 7Xe and Rotel 1082 and was wondering how people have been setting up their Revels. For example, how much toe in if any, distance from back and side walls, etc. thanks
Rogue tube amps pair really well with F52s. They add the midrange magic and tube involvement while maintaining tight bass. The impedance of the F52's works surprisingly well with them.
I have these with a Pass X250 amp and they are the best speaker I ever owned. My room is small (11 x 18, open behind my seating area into another room) Speakers on the short wall. I had to use treatments Big DIY Bass trap and 6 inexpensive pannels. I used the cardas method and toe them in to face my ears. They are about 55" from front wall and 30+ to the center of the woofer from the side wall I sit 9 ft away.

I have spent many hrs playing around and even used a spectrum analyzer to get the best placement for smoothest response.

I'm looking at changing cabls soont, I dont feel the Kimber TC8 and Elco Silver are a good match. I do know Bi-wire is the way to go and I'm looking at Nordost Red Dawn or Accoustic Zen.

What cables are you using?
The store near me swears by anthem's integrated 225 to drive all their revel speakers and my krell kav 300il failed for the 4th and final time so I bought the anthem and right out of the box not so much but as it broke in it became less tiring to listen to. I just got a pair of f52 used and they are trying to replace my KEF 107/2's and I just don't know how this ones gonna wash out.