Revel F50

Dose anyone own or have heard a pair? Thoughts?

Any comparison to the new F52s?

Comments much appreciated
I never heard the F50's but did strongly conside buying the F30's. But when I heard the F32 was coming I waited and that is what I bought. I have heard the F52 and wish I could afford to trade up. But the F32 (in my opinion) blew away the F30. At the time the dealer had his F30 demos and the F32s so I was able to do a A-B comparison. Even the dealer told me that he would not have them in the same room after that, or they'd never sell. So I am assuming that the same differences would apply to the F50/F52. Briefly, much deeper controlled bass, wider and deeper sound field, vocals much more natural, and better looking overall. And again all my opinion based on my personnal tastes.