Revel F30 vs Revel F50 vs Used Revel Studios

Has anyone heard and compared these speakers? I realize that they may be difficult to compare, but I would appreciate any thoughts regarding these speakers that you may have.

I have the Studio and had the F30 at the same time. I prefer the Studio over the F30 - better imaging and tighter and faster bass. The F30's bass was slightly boomy compared to the Studio. I have not seen the F50 yet.
I also have revel M20 and B15 sub. I think the M20 with a Revel B15 sounds better the F30.
I eagerly await some knowledgeable comments, also. This is exactly the path that I am on.

I have heard the F30's and F50's in different rooms with different electronics. Actually, I have heard the F50's twice; once with Proceed, the other time with Mark Levenson. The F30's were good sounding hi-end speakers. The F50's "moved me" each time. My wife, who could care less about what we acquire, even commented on how she had never heard speakers sound like that.

With the used stuff available here, I am going to give the Studios a listen to see if they are worth the step up in cost.
I am looking to buy the F30s and after comparing it to many different speakers I am happy with my choice. I did get a chance to listen to the F50s and the F30s through the same electronics at a dealer. The F50s were clearly better more seamless and tighter bass.

I just did not think they were more than twice as good. If I was going to that price range I would definatly consider the studios.
The used Studios would be my hands-down choice between the F50 and the Studio...

You get a lot in the jump between lines - and if they are close in price there is no question for me...

Good luck,
I bought F50's. The next version of the Studios will incorporate the ceramic driver technology that the F50's use. The F50's got a lot of "trickle down" from the Studios. Also, IMO, the Studios are ugly.
If the waf is an issue, you have to go with the f50 over the studio. That design fits in with no style factor my wife is familiar with. Recently I traded up to the f50 due to the combo of sound and style. Good luck.