Revel F30 vs ProAc Responce 2.5

Could anyone recommend me what to go for or al least opinions? I have both on hands!
I forgot to tell my amps are Cary Audio, but don't know if I will change them!
I'm not very familiar with the F30's, but I think that Cary PP amps with ProAc 2.5's would make a wonderful combination. The 2.5's do need some power however, so be careful if you're thinking about driving them with SET amps.
You might want to be more specific as to which Cary amps you are considering mating to either speaker. (Cary amps range from 3-watt 3A3-based SETs to 250-watt Push/Pull designs.) My guess is that the ProAc's would be easier to drive with tubes--and only try it with at least 80 P/P watts.

I am wondering, myself, about powering F30's with Cary's switchable 95-watt (triode) or 165-watt (tetrode) SLAM-100's. If I do try that combo out, I'll let you know.