Revel F30 vs Celestion A3:please help to decide

Which one should i get?They are priced about the same used.
Celestion the brand name kinda sends shivers thru me but it was a one time Stereophile class A reccomended component.
I am looking for a warm sound with wide soundstage.Will be using with old CJ gear.Appreciate your inputs.Thank You.
I hear what you are saying. Had the Celestion DL8 and they like the A3 are a completely different animal then the current garbage being put out by Celestion.

I was out of audio for several years and Celestion was the very first name I looked at when considering new speakers. What a shock to see what had happened to them.

I would suggest going to Just checked and there are 19 owner reviews of the A3. There are also some of the A2 and A1 which if I remember right were the little brothers to the A3. Needless to say you can also find reviews of the Revel F30.

Go thru the reviews and see which speaker would seem best to suite your taste.

Hope this helped some.

BW Maxx
I just heard the F32s and I am a Celestion Sl600 owner. I found the F32 were much more laid back as compared to the Sls. Different speakers so I don't know if that helps
I am the happy CELESTION A2 owner, and the sound they distill is pure magic. I had a pair of CELESTION 15 MKII speakers, released in the early 90's and "we were together" for 10 years, giving me a very nice sound. After this MKII models, Celestion just lost its mind! the brand started to build strange and confuse speakers oriented to a small musical sector (IMPACT series), but after this terrible fase, appeared the A series. Incredible finished and, the most important, the sound.

I got my A2's together with 2 bridgeable NAD power amps (giving 450 watts to 4 ohms)and how it works!

If you find a good bang for the buck in the A series, just go for it! you'll never be missed.
I used to have SL700SE. I am always afraid that once the tweeter or woofer broke, I will never get a replacement. Therefore, I sold that pair.

I have not listend to F32, however, I have listened to Ultima Salon. The Salon is definitely much better than my old SL700SE. If I were you, I'd better get F32, since the company is still around.
My response is probably a bit late, but here goes. True, Celestion did come out with some so-so designes in the mid 90's not representative of what we expected from a reputable manufacturer. And now they're back to the same 10 years later after being bought by an Asian consortium. But the A series that ran from late 90's to early 2000's was short of spectacular. I know since I did own a pair of A3's (flagship during this generation). I also tried them on numerous amps, solid state and tube, and they worked fine with all of them. Having an efficiency of 90db/w/m and nominal impedance of 4 ohms did help. But they can take A LOT of power. I ran them for a while with a KRELL FPB 300c, WOW! The REVEL'S are also good but can't match the A3's the the bass. I found the A3's hard to beat for the price. One of the best bangs for the buck. By the way my Bro has a pair for sale. Anyone interested?