Revel F208s upgrade from Silverline Sonatina IIIs?

I have Silverline Sonatina IIIs and am looking to upgrade for $5K or less. Hoping to get some thoughts on whether Revel Performa F208s would be considered a major or minor improvement.

System is Classe DAC-1 balaned into Wyred 4 Sound DAC2 DSD into Cary SLP98 F1 direct coupled, all upgrades, Pope tubes. Manley Snapper monos using 6CA7 tubes and Audience Au24se cables.

Thank you.
I wish I had heard the F208's , first person I ever heard that didn't want to keep Sonatina IIIs .
Schubert, thank you. I may indeed keep them. I have had them a long time and was wondering if there was something significantly better at this price point.
I've owned many, many speakers; however I've never heard the Silverline Sonatina IIIs. I currently own F208s, after owning Wilson Audio Sashas. I don't want to get into a debate over better or worst, but I will say that I find the Revel F208s to be more musical. They disappear and are three dimensional. Revel requires power and I've learned that my Peachtree 220 amp couldn't fully drive them. I just decided to get a Parasound Halo A21 and I'll see what happens. Good luck!
Thank you for your post. I was concerned that the Snappers (100WPC Tube) may not be enough, but found a review that drove the F208s with 60WPC Tube.
Hello Bbybaudio,
I have an off topic question for you. I also own a Cary SLP98P F1 with built in Lundahl transformers for MC output. I use the Phono out exclusively. My question is, are the expensive Pope 6SN7gt's worth the price compared to the stock tubes? Thanks,
Sorry I never got back to you. I bought the Pope's when they were only $150 each, and at that price, yes, definitely worth it.