Revel F208 vs. Paradigm 75F: Auditioning

Hello folks

I mentioned that I was gonna be auditioning some speakers on this other thread:

You can see the electronics I have there as well - a 40W tube amplifier.

The dealer I will be visiting on Sunday has the following speakers that I had originally considered - specifically - Revel, Totem, Sonus Faber and Paradigm. I wanted to check out the F208, the Venere 2.5, the Totem Arro, specifically. However, the dealer dissuaded me from trying any of those - and recommended that I just try the Paradigm Prestige 75F.

Now, I know people generally say fairly good things about the Paradigm - and so I am happy to check them out as well. However, is there any reason I shouldn't check the Revel as well? My dealer thinks they would need a lot more power than I have to be driven efficiently and that it won't even be worth checking them out. Is this true? Do they really need that much more power to work effectively? Does the fact that I look to upgrading the upstream electronics eventually make a difference?

My hesitation comes from the fact that the Paradigm 75F is priced exactly at my price point ($3000) and the Revel is cheaper, though equally well reviewed.
sorry but neither one is good for 40w tube amp.
Totem Forrest is the best bet but still another at least 20w will be desirable.
The Revel F208 is $5,000 MSRP. You may have been thinking of the F206 which is $3,500. I have the F208 hooked up to a Pass Labs XA30.5 (30 watt Class A amp) and don't feel they are under-powered. I actually like how they sound and very happy with it.

I'm not sure why your dealer is pushing you toward the 75F, but it's your money and you should listen to all of them and let your ears and your wallet make the decision for you.
The Revel F208 are not very demanding, but are best served by amps that can deliver into 4 ohm load as its in the 4-7 ohm range through the audio band.

That particular Paradigm doesn't have a test I was able to find, but its larger brother does and it does appear to be little lighter load, but it still would best be served by a 4 ohm capable amp as it dips down in that region, just not as long or often as the Revel.

I would not take any dealers word on dismissing a listen to other speakers. We all have different priorities out of our systems and what works best for one might not for another.
Take your Jolida to this dealer and try it out with the speaker(s) of your choice in a listening room close in size to yours.
Thanks so much, folks.

@Czarivey - why do you think that both of these speakers need more power? Is it because you think that is when they really start to sing? What would be the consequences of underpowering them? The Paradigm is specced out as being suitable for amps from 15W to 220W and is very sensitive on top of that.

@Avhifidelity - you are right. I was mistaken. I thought the F208s were in my price range - but I realized they weren't. If anything I might ask to audition the F206.

@Mesch - I do plan to take my amp to the store. However, I was wondering if I would be a rude customer for insisting they hook it up to speakers that they recommend against for good reason. However, if there is good reason, I would like to give it a shot.
I'd want to listen to the Paradigm Signature S2 as well in your price range. Yeah, it's a monitor, but if your room isn't too large, it could work.

Also, $3k will go a long way in the used market.
Badri, as other posters mentioned F208 are 4 Ohms and Jolida is specked for 8Ohms. It will half its power to 4 Ohms while 30W solid state Pass amp will double power.
The new Prestige series from Paradigm is really nice; sounds better than the previous Studio series in my opinion. I think you'd enjoy them.

$3k will buy you a lot on the used market as well. You could look for something from their Signature Series with the berrylium tweeters; those are phenomenal.

Totem makes great speakers too. The Arro's aregreat for acoustic music but they aren't as dynamic as the others. Great imaging though.

I haven't heard the Revels but they also get good reviews.

Another speaker to consider is a pair of Monitor Audio GX 200's. Since the new model just came out (which looks to be very minimal changes) sellers are blowing out the older model. I know where 2 pairs are for under $3k.

If I were you, I'd research and read a lot more reviews and buy pre-owned so you can go further up the food chain. Used Paradigm Sig's for instance are quite a bit more speaker than the Totem Arro's, both of which I've owned (I also owned Gx's that I preferred over the Arro's as well.)
@Timrhu I do plan to seriously consider the second hand market before I make my purchase. The auditioning part of it is still something I will have to do though :)
@Czarivey - I have seen that bit about how solid state amplifiers double their output with a lower impedence amplifier - assuming they can drive that amount of current through their components. Having studied solid state electronics, I understand how this happens.

Can you suggest where I can look to understand how/why tubes do not behave the same way? I can see that their circuits are VERY different. Is it because the output is coupled across a transformer - and the 4 ohm tap is a center tap on the transformer and hence halves the power outout as well? Or is it something else?
@B_limo Phew! Thank you for that. I could not find many online reviews for the prestige series, so I was starting to get worried about them. The MA GX 200 seems a lot cheaper too. The problem is I cannot seem to find any dealers for them here in San Francisco. Might have to call the company and ask them where I can check them out.