Revel f208, dead center image but everything jumbled up?

I recently got revel f208 from my dealer as an open box. A rep from Harman said that they don’t need any break in period. 
I am using peachtree nova500 for the electronics with oasis 5.2 speaker wire and mostly listen to Tidal through the inbuilt DAC. 
The image is pretty dead center which is great and I like the vocals, it’s lifelike. The bass is pretty good as well as the HF. However, since the image is dead center, I am not feeling the sound stage. It feels like drummer, vocalist, bassists are all jumbled up or in the same straight line. It doesn’t even feel like the sound is coming from the speakers, because everything is in the dead center. Is that normal? I used to have B&W cm9 before this and that image was not dead center however I could feel the sound coming from both the speakers. But for F208, It doesn’t even feel like the sound is coming from the speakers, everything is just kinda jumbled up in the center. I Just love everything else about the speaker except the image or sound stage? 
Nope, it’s actually stereo. I mean I can notice sound coming from the speakers if the song has a very obvious stereo separation. For example, if I listen to the doors, I can hear the music coming from the speakers. (Very obvious separation in most of the doors songs) But anything else that doesn’t have obvious stereo separation, it’s all jumbled up in the dead center. It’s kinda hard to explain. I am not getting a wide sound stage may be. I think the music should spread between the two speakers. Let’s say the vocals being at the center. May be drums on the right behind the vocalist and bass may be on the far left, if you get what I mean? Is it room acoustic that’s causing the problem? 
It might be helpful if you tell us what components you are using with these speakers.
How much toe-in are you using?
Revel F208/206 recommend direct aim/toe-in at the listening position for best focus of soundstage, incremental degrees of away from direct aim to widen the soundstage.

The complaints I hear from the performa 3 line is usually pinpoint imaging but no real sound stage. Try putting them within a foot of the wall behind them to help with bass.Revel prides themselves in wide dispersion designs so maybe some treatments at first reflection points? 
The image is pretty dead center which is great and I like the vocals, it’s lifelike. The bass is pretty good as well as the HF. However, since the image is dead center, I am not feeling the sound stage. It feels like drummer, vocalist, bassists are all jumbled up or in the same straight line. It doesn’t even feel like the sound is coming from the speakers,

This is actually what you want. Not the jumbled up part, but we can talk about that. But the lifelike vocals, bass and HF being good, and the sound not coming from the speakers. That is exactly what you want. The better everything gets the less and less anything appears to be coming from the speakers, ever.

So now before you jump to conclusions and start messing around too much let's stop and listen carefully and think about what is really going on here. 

When you say "jumbled up" what exactly do you mean by that? In audiophile lexicon we have a lot of visual metaphors for sound but jumbled up isn't familiar to me. What you want to hear is the sound of each instrument and singer is so clearly rendered you can hear its full timbral and harmonic character, and not only that but the acoustic space in which it was recorded, and not only that but this is all rendered in a palpably believable way such that you feel you are there in the recording space with them- AND it maintains all these qualities even when they are all playing together at the same time and loud. 

This is what I have in my room and this is what I have always in my room regardless of it being a stereo or mono record. The only difference is with mono this is all coming from a sort of spherical area centered between the speakers. It would probably be more of a point but when the acoustic is captured really well it is almost impossible for it to ever sound like just a point. 

So now, the think about it part. You have a good solid center image? That is not all that hard to achieve. IF the speakers are PRECISELY equidistant and symmetrical - not within a few inches, not within a half an inch, not within a quarter of an inch- PRECISELY equidistant and symmetrical- AND they are out a few feet from side walls, THEN we need to think about what exactly you are hearing on different recordings. My hunch is your speakers and everything else are fine, you simply are not used to hearing quality imaging.

Not all recordings feature a wide expansive sound stage. A lot of recordings are pure crap. Streaming and digital are pretty crappy, but not quite so crappy you hear everything jumbled in the center.

I would suggest a  recording known to have a nice wide deep sound stage. Roxy Music Avalon, Jennifer Warnes Famous Blue Raincoat, Tom Petty Southern Accents. If you are listening to the Stones and the sound is all jumbled up in the center, relax. Try a few good recordings and get back to me.

Along the lines of yogiboy's thought.... 
if you are biwiring them check the HF +/- and LF +/- connections.  I know it may sound blatantly obvious but I've seen it happen before where one single set of posts was backwards and it caused a collapse in stage width. 

Hope you are making some positive headway with your new Revels.

Like everyone above, the first thing is double check  your polarity didn't get reversed. Once that is done....

Room acoustics have a lot to do with this...but lets say it's a placement issue.

Usually the two culprits is too wide, or toe-in.  If you have no choice but to put the speakers near side walls, consider severe toe-in.  They may need to cross at your head or in front. Revel is particular about having a wide dispersion, so they are going to need more care.
I once owned the F208s' myself I enjoyed them but I also felt like they were missing something.
Anyway fast forward I demoed a pair of speakers not that much more expensive than the 208s'. They were also a smaller profile than the 208s' , but sounded 3 times the size. 
Perhaps it's my room acoustics ECT they just fit the bill for Me better than the F208s'
Happy Listening
Room treatments? Speaker positioning correct? Are you using anybody’s positioning formula like from Cardas, Jim Smith, the 1/3 or 1/5 formula?
You don’t necessarily want the separation of the speakers to equal the distance to the listener. For example, I use the 1/3 formula which puts my speakers 7’ from the back wall and 50” from the sidewalls. Then I used Jim Smith’s formula which is the distance between the speakers is 82% of the distance between the listener and the speaker. The speakers have no toe in.
I am skeptical about the Harman rep's comment about the speakers not needing a break in.period.

When you auditioned the speakers, was the dealer using superior electronics, cabling, power conditioning, etc? It's not unusual for one upgrade to lead you to further upgrades.

What you describe as "jumbled up," someone else might describe as "well integrated." I seem to recall at least one professional reviewer use that terminology for that speaker. Perhaps what you might prefer is an open baffle speaker (electrostatic, etc), something with a more "open or airy" sound.

I hope things work out for you.
Well, this doesn't sound like a break-in period issue to me. 

It does sound like a placement and room acoustics issue.

I'll tell you how to tell with 100% certainty.  Put the speakers about 3' in front of you and just to the sides of your seat. If the imaging is correct there, then the issue at a distance is your room, and placement.


Sounds like a break in and room positioning issue. Nearly every speaker needs hours of break in time. Next, the OP hasn’t told us about the room set up or the position of the speakers. The latter is likely causing the issues.