Revel F208 by itself or F206 with a sub?

Hello all.

I am now using a pair of Tannoy XT8fs with two NHT 12" subs. I sure would like to eliminate the subs to give me some more room and clean up the looks a bit. I'm considering Revel F208s. Also considering the F206s and keeping the subs. Thoughts?

Thanks in advance!


One benefit of going with the F206's is that you can optimize better- sub location and mains location. 
I agree
I recently listened to both, and am definitely leaning towards the 206s with a JL Fathom F110. I honestly think the F206 midrange sounded better than the 208s, and I didn't hear a significant improvement in the bass range (without the sub hooked up) when switching over to the 208s.
When the JL was paired up with the 206s that sound was quite impressive. And I do appreciate the smaller size of the 206s - they look really nice in Walnut
My usual advice is, large floor standers are easier to make sound well than satellites plus a sub.  Subs are demanding and difficult to make sound great.  If you are willing to take the time though a sub  can be pretty awesome with any speaker, bookshelf or full range. 


Ended up with a pair of Dynaudio Contour S3.4s. No subs needed. They easilly go down to 25hz in my room. Awesome speakers!