Revel F-30 versus B&W matrix 802 series III

Hello everyone out there.
I have had a pair of F30's with a C-30 center channel for about 1 year now. My system consists of all Proceed equipment (avp-s, hpa-2, amp-5, cdp) and i use it for 60% ht and 40% 2 channel music.
I used to own the 802's (not the nautilus) and I have to say, I kind of miss them. The F-30's just don't have the low end and sense of "balance" I recently purchased a pair of dm 604's and I was surpirised by how much i enjoy the sound of them (these are the old dm 604's)
I tried to fix the problem by purchasing a rel Storm III subwoofer and now there is plenty of basss but it just does not sound as pure as I remember the 802's sounding.
Any Thoughts?
I am actually thinking of selling all my revel stuff and the rel and getting a while B&W matrix series III system including 4 802's and the htm center channel.
No you're not crazy. If that is the sound you like then get them. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the B&W Matrix series. You'll probably have some money left over for other upgrades/tweeks. Get the Sound Anchor stands to go with them.

Just because the Matrix 802 is a discontinued model means nothing for speakers. In the tube world, generally speaking, the older the tube is (when manufactured), the better it sounds.. Most modern tubes sound terrible.
The B&W matrix 801 & 802 sIII are actualy some of the last B&W speakers i realy like, if that's worth anything. So, IMO, go and buy these speakers with confidence since you already know them. Good luck and happy listening!
Actually I have aquestion for you. Now that you have owned the F30's do you find the tweeter a little edgy? I have been considering the purchase of these but I found them a little too crisp in the highs. Just asking for an opinion.
i would not call the tweeters so much edgy as revealing
these speakers are really accurate
and placement is key
you could always turn them down a notch with the variable crossover on the back