Revel f 228 Be first impressions?

The new Revel F 228 Be looks very promising and packed with technology. What are people's first impressions of these new speakers? Please share your experiences. 
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Heard them today and thought they sounded very nice. Local store just got them in and said they only have about ten hours on them which surprised me for what I heard. Very clean on top which I was expecting to be hard and sterile but not. Top end was very clean and smooth. My only negative comment was they sounded a little closed in but again they only have ten hours on them and the  McIntosh Pre/Amp Ps Audio DS w/bridge was at a cold start so really I was impressed with what I heard... sounded way better than I expected for sure. Cabinet fit and finish is what you’d expect. I suspect that if the components had a few hours of warming up things would have opened up. One of the best speakers I’ve heard recently are the B&W 800 D3’s and the f 228’s reminded me of them but at a smaller scale at 1/3 the cost. I’ll give them a few weeks to burn them in and see if they will A/B them with the B&W’s.