Revel Concerta2 F36 vs Monitor Audio Silver 10

I think I may have narrowed it down to these two choices, based on reviewer comments about their sound character, but unfortunately, can't audition either in my area.  I'm very likely to commit the mortal audio sin of buying speakers without listening to them, but alas, they have to be better than what I currently have, which is nothing.  Not to mention, my wife wants something to fill the void of my recently sold speakers!  

I decided at the eleventh hour not to buy a pair of Performa3 F208's, without listening to those either, because I just don't want to spend that much on speakers at the moment.

There doesn't seem to be much out there on the Revel F36, presumably because it's so new.

Hi Seadweller .....

I haven't heard the new Concerta 2 F-36 yet, but I have been extremely happy with it's predecessor, the Concerta F-12, for several years now.  Here's my original post from the summer of 2012 when I first bought the Revel F-12's to replace my Vandersteen 1C's.

"..... I have been enjoying my Vandersteen 1C's since 1997. They are truly classic speakers, and I have really loved every minute of my time with them. But.... as we all know about our hobby, we get the itch to upgrade, and this is exactly what I have done. After listening to many speakers over the past year, I finally decided to buy the Revel F12's.

Let me tell you...these Revel F12's are truly outstanding loudspeakers. Initial noticeable improvements over my Vandersteens include superior dynamic range, deeper bottom end (at least an octave lower) with tightness and speed, smooth and velvety midrange with a realistic presentation of both male and female vocals, clear and shimmering top end with no harshness, and a wider and deeper sounstage. The image placement is really impressive, and there is a cohesive feeling of top to bottom balance that is natural and musical throughout the full range of what my ears and room allow me to hear.

I really owe a lot to my Vandersteens, as they have enabled me to appreciate what great musical reproduction is all about. But now, with my new Revel F12's, I feel like I have truly taken a giant step forward in my own"audiophile music loving world." And so far, the synergy between the Revels and the rest of my system (to remain unchanged for quite a while) is sublime. My Rogue Cronus amp and Rega P3-24/Rotel front end seem to love the Revels......"

I cannot help you with a comparison of the Revels to the Monitor Audio speakers, but I can certainly affirm my total happiness with the Revel F-12's.  Good Luck with your decision, and please let us know how things turn out for you.  Happy Listening !

Thanks for the great input...I figured I'd get something to tide me over for a couple of years, so I can really search for something that will get me through another 10.  I just don't see the need to spend $3K+ on a short term fix, but do want great sound.  I'd really love a pair of Avantegarde's, or something along those lines in the future.

The Silver 10's are around $400 more than the F36's, so I'm curious if there's $400 worth of sonic's there or not.  Researching on the net, it seems the F36's are pretty sparse in dealer showrooms in general.  I wonder if Revel made the speaker sound too good to have it next to the Performa3 series.  8)

I'd also be interested in a comparison to the Silver 8 as well.  Although Revel has a stellar reputation, there seems to be some common disappointment that the system is now a 2.5-way, rather than a 3-way.

I would think with Voecks behind the design, that shouldn't be much of a concern, but who knows. 
Throw in the Wharfedale Jade 5 and Focal 826V too!
I stumbled across your post and created an account here just to respond. Believe it or not, earlier today I was fortunate enough to have a side by side audition of the silver 10s and the Concerta F36. The local HI Fi store is normally closed on Sundays, but I have a good report with them and the owner let me in to audition some speakers because I've been looking to upgrade. 

My opinion was that both speakers sounded very nice, but I definitely preferred the Monitor Silver 10 for their warmer mid range and treble. The Revels had slightly more detail and slightly deeper bass, but to my ears, the Silver 10s just sounded more correct and neutral. I ended up purchasing the Silver 8s because he gave me a killer deal on a pair with the piano black laquer finish. 
BTW, I was upgrading from a pair of Epos Epic 2 bookshelves, also a highly regarded speaker. The Monitors, so far are bettering the Epos in most aspects.
Hi, I was in in the market 2 years ago for a speaker upgrade from JBL LX66 Towers.
I auditioned Monitor Audio Silver 8 also the higher Gold range, not heard any Revel, had a home demo with Focal 836V and 836W.
I found the Monitor Audio speakers too bright, the Focal's were very good but B&W CM8,9 & 10 were a class above, instruments and vocals sounded more life like and natural on the B&W speakers, the
build quality also seem a notch above. I feel at any price point B&W speakers are hard to beat for any type of music. 
A top quality product. I bought a pair of CM10's and Focal 836W for my 2nd listening room, the B&W's are a class above the Focal in my opinion and anything else in the same price range, you would need to spend a considerable amount more to better the B&W CM range.

I think the above user may have heard the old silver series. In my opinion the silver 10 bests the b&w, even the cm10 and cheaper too. The silver 8 would be great for a smaller room. Their weakness is a center channel speaker but im using a silver 8 for my center. As for Revel, I'm really looking at the f208 for my theater system (I have b&w 600 series 2). I demoed the f206 in a poor setup but they are quality speakers, I would want the f208 for deeper bass. Silver 10 have better bass than silver 8 but this will largely depend on room size.
Monitor Audio Silvers beat all of the B&Ws I've ever heard, but they are a little exuberant. Radius very neutral, but pricey for size and output.  The one issue I have with the Revels is the horns. they seem to exaggerate breath and reed sounds to the point of sounding like rattling Tupperware. Might have just been the recordings I was forced to sit through though. :)  Many like them, especially for the off-axis response.  

I now have the Ming Da 368 and the revel m106 , For a book shelf and price good as it gets. I bought an open box "white" pair at almost 40% off .Let the tube amp cook for an hour in triode at 50 watts at 4 OHMS ,

Its a real treat to listen too, with a quality digital source . Not only does these speakers play real music a lot of speakers can do that "but" the Revels put and place the music on the stage right and left or back round singers all in right places .

seadweller - did you finally choose?  I'm in the same boat.....narrowed down to the same two speakers but not sure which one.  Plus, I was also thinking about the B+W 683 S2.  Or even the ELAC UniFi Floorstanders, which are 1/2 as expensive as the F36 & Silver 8's.

The Revel's seem much harder to locate then the Monitor Audio.