Revel c50a vs. c32

I currently have revel m22 for the mains and im trying to decide on which center channel to get. At this point, i can basically get either one of them used for roughly the same price. For those that have heard/experience with the c50a or c32, which one will be the "better speaker". I know the c32 is newer and matches with the m22 in terms of woofer, midrange, and tweeter. But the c50 is a beast and costs nearly 3000k when new. Will the difference in the build of c50 in terms of woofer, midrange, and tweeter be enough where i will be able to detect a real audible difference between my m22 and the c50 where it would throw the soundstage off. I would like to have a seamless blend with my front speakers but im wondering if the differences are really noticeable.

I own the Performa F32,C32 and M22. I can tell you that these three were designed to voice together and the C50 was to voice with the 52's. I used that combo M22 and C32 for about a month while I waited for the F32's to ship. And I was very pleased , so pleased I considered cancelling the F32's and getting another set of M22's.
Enjoy either way, I really like the speaker.