Revel C208 or Paradigm Sig C3 as new centre

Hi. I have a chance to buy a new Revel C208 or a Paradigm Signature C3 as a new centre at approx. half price. I will be using it in a 3.1 set-up (B&W PM1 fronts and B&W PV1) with an Oppo 105D as the source and the centre being driven passive bi-amped from my Bel Canto eOne C5i which has a 30 Amp current and puts out 60w 8 ohms and 120 into 4 ohms.

Which of the two centres should I buy and why? Also any thoughts on me bi-amping (using both channels of a single amp with the speaker) as my dealer has recommended this as a way of doubling my wattage but leaving the THD the same.
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Thanks Rob. In a perfect world I would definitely match but my world, at least for now is sonewhat less than... However I would love any thoughts on the 2 centre options and also bi-amping. Cheers
I'd go for the Revel. Had a chance to demo both of them and the Revel portrays voices in a more natural tone and has clarity to die for. Don't get me wrong the C3 is no slump but there was an obvious difference between the two. Be warned the Revel is not a small speaker and weighs a tonne so make sure you have a big enough rack or grab the matching c-stand.
Looking at your other equipment I don't think your BelCanto would do either of them justice. They like high power amps to get the very best out of them.
Also I think either of these centers will show up you fronts and create quite a disproportionate soundstage.