Revel B 15 set up

I would appreciate any comments. I have my revel B15 sub hooked up to my classe ssp600, i am using a single nordost balanced input to the sub. In this arrangement the only control that seems to have any effect is the level on the sub, am I missing something here ?/ All suggestion very welcome, from a very cold and wet west coast of Ireland.
You can go to the Revel sight and there they show you quite
a few ways of hooking her up.i use two subs and one is connected to the sub out on prepro and of course to the input
on the sub,that's for movies.
And the other I'm using 2 Y cables out of pre(R+L)right Y with another set of cables goes to one(R) input on sub and the other goes to my(R)input on power amp and the same for the left side and mains set to large(for music only)as I'm telling my pre that I don't have a sub connected(but I do).
I use one preset on my prepro for movies and the other preset for music(stereo direct).Hope that helps.
By the way using the ys I have oodles of bottomend.