Revel B-15 or REL Stadium III

I currently own a pair of Stadium III's to go along with Revel Salons, Voice & Embrace. They sound pretty good. I've recently heard the B-15 & thought it sounded special. Does anyone have experience with either of these subs. My listening is about 75/25 HT to music.


Hi Jon,
I'm going through the same evaluation with these two subs. However, I've not auditioned them yet. Sorry that I'm no help right now but, I'll be anxiously following this thread! Maybe this post might spark some more responses... Good luck.

I have Studios, Voice and Embraces. I found a great deal on a pair of Revel Ultima subs with LE-1 and its way beyond what I expected from a sub system. The first time I've ever felt it sounded like being at a live concert. Have you been to a Revel store to compare the Ultimas to the Performas (subs)? I would save up for the best, the rest of your system is.
Hi Jon,
I've owned the Stadium II but not two of them. I now own the B-15. I am using it like I used the Stadium as an addition at the bottom. I am using the 40 Hz. x-over pt. There really is no question in my mind between the two for music or especially HT. The Revel is just amazing in its potency as well as the ability to blend with your main speakers. The use of the software and the parametric equalizer seems to be the answer for me to subwoofer employment. I just can't tell you how potent it is when all dialed in. I have also had in my system the Vandy 2WQ, and the Genesis 900. They are toys in comparison. I am using it with B&W 802Ns driven by a Mac 352.
I have not experience with the REL but the Revel B-15 is a fantastic product, I will say that I'm not even a dealer for them. The local Revel dealer tells me the B-15 is better than the Ultima sub !!