Revel B-15 LFO setup???

This weekend I wanna try to tune my B-15 correctly once & for all...I have a couple of questions.

When setting up the sub up for levels with an 80hz crossover, the instructions in the software say to set the processor to "stereo bypass" or "surround off" with the sub off. So when setting the processor for stereo is it suppossed to be "full range" or stereo with the 80 crossover?
My next question is...What # do you enter when going thru the frequencies? Do you enter the actual measured # or do you enter + or - what the # is from the 80db level ie. for instance if the measured # is 77 do you enter 77 or -3 in the box? I hope you understand my questions.



Set the B15's crossover to 80 Hz with the processor set to full range. Otherwise, the the sub will be crossed over twice - once by the processor and the second time in the B15's crossover.

Enter the actual value, not the difference.

Depending on your room and main speakers, you may want to try lower crossover points. I use 40 Hz with myn Revel Studios.
Jon., Let your no40 do the crossovering, you can use diffrent profiles with in the 40 to control the crossover on the sub. if there is a way to bypass the crossover in the sub , do it. leave it fullrange, and let the No40 do the work. It does not get better than this!