revel b 15

Could anyone pls help, i need to connect my Burmester 001 cd player with built in pre amp to my revel b15 in order to increase bass .I have pre amp turned off in burmester and im feeding an integrated amp.
im happy to do whatever is needed to make it happen. i just dont know how to go about it, willie
As I understand it, the B15 needs to be installed between your preamp and power amp. You can do this on an integrated amp if you have pre out and power in jacks. If you use the separate preamp in your CD to power the sub, you still have to get the high pass(audio signal minus deep bass) back to your power amp for your main speakers. All deep bass needs to go to the sub for the Equalizer to do its magic. I had to change from Krell (no pre out/ power in) to Creek integrated amps to get my system to work with the B15. The room EQ in the B15 is truly magic and you will be well rewarded for setting it up right.